Elena  - Principal,  a High School Math Teacher:
I have a great mathematical background:

I graduated from a Math Immersion School in Moscow, Russia and have a Masters degree in Engineering, with a major in applied math.  

I adore working with children of all levels of knowledge, and helping them achieve their goals. 

I received most of my teaching experience in the Prestige School (North York, Ontario), which had started out as a math tutoring school. There, I had the task of teaching children with different levels of knowledge, grades, and educational backgrounds at the same time. When it subsequently became a private high school, I also worked there as a math teacher for grades 9-12.
Afterwards, I started my own business, tutoring mathematics. I have recently expanded it, opening my school: Elena's Tutoring School. We follow the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, using European teaching methods.


Dennis - a Physics, Chemistry Teacher

In my lessons, I identify the problems that students are having in their studies and help them overcome them. I focus mainly on problem solving and memorization techniques to help my students in their studies. By having students do practice questions both from the textbook and of my own creation, they see the material in different ways. This technique helps the students develop the ability to recognize when and where to apply specific concepts. I also try to make things a bit more interesting by giving real world examples of the concepts related to interests identified by my students: this usually piques their interests and makes them want to understand the material more thoroughly.

Joil -an  English Teacher.
Dana - a student

"My vast experience as a teacher of English has enabled me to successfully develop lesson plans for individual learners resulting in significant improvement in language reading, writing and speaking skills. By providing interesting and informative lessons specially designed for specific needs, students have achieved rapid and significant success. A variety of techniques and custom tutorials are used to make the sessions motivating and engaging. The personal instruction methods provide our students at all levels with the confidence and abilities to succeed. The success that our students have achieved is proof of the value of our teaching methods"



Dora   a Russian Language Teacher
             An experienced teacher of the Russian language and logopedic specialist is available to teach your child to read and write in Russian.

    • Study activities are custom-tailored to every student. Particular attention, if necessary, is paid to correct pronunciation.
    • Materials are selected on an increasing complexity scale in order to facilitate mastery of difficult words and idioms, both in writing and pronunciation, and teach their correct use in speech.
    • Various visual aids, involvement methods and game exercises are employed to facilitate developing attention span, thinking and three-dimensional perception.
    • For gifted and advanced students, a method based on an organic combination of program-based and exercise-based study is offered. This method has demonstrated its high efficiency in instilling habits for literary writing and the expansion of the student's vocabulary
    Also available:
    • A custom-tailored study of the Russian language for English-speaking students, based on texts connected to Russian history, culture and contemporary life.
    • A 3-week course in conversational Russian for those preparing to visit Russia, based on themes and situations.

      To be continued. 

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