This is Arina, she is in Gr 11 and likes Mathematics, because at work. when she had a brake (30min) she did Math Home Work, can you imagine????? 
Good for you Arina!!!!

This Is Camilla, I cannot recognise her in this year:
like different person, who does Math (Gr10) shown big interest in this subject. Keep doing the same, you are on right way to success.

Alina(Gr 5) she is full of energy - winner of the Dance competition, she is very talented and can do perfectly well everything if she is in mood.

Tim GR4 - Arina is his sister.
Very nice boy, I am sure, that he can be a good actor in the future , really

Nadia and Shubhra, Math Gr 11, they are friends and neighbors.

Both goal oriented, independed yang adults, who ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to success.

Nadia is humanitarian, her favorite subjects at school are  history, philosophy and she knows everything about everything.

Shubhra – sportsmen, she is extremely thorough, and wants to make everybody happy. Now both of them started to like mathematics.

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