We teach a  variety of students in all levels. Here is one of our advanced students:

This is Irina. She is in Grade 8, but she's taking grade 9 math with Elena.


She was asked to prepare a presentation on "Box and Whisker Plots."

Have a look at what she came up with!

(click to enlarge)

Raymi : Gr12 - he applied  to one of the Italian Universities for next year.
Our school will do the best to prepare him. He is taking School and University Calculus with Elena.
Good Luck!!

This is Cara. She is a grade 10 student, taking math with Elena.
She is a vocal student. Singing and performing on stage is much easier for her than solving equations, but she's starting to enjoy math as well!

Soborano  Family: Gr3, Gr8

This is Amanda.
She is in Gr 11 and taking physics/chemistry with Dennis.
She lived near our school when we were on Sheppard and unfortunately our new school location is a little too far for her.
Good Luck Amanda in all your endeavors !!!

Jack : Gr12
Beza : Gr11

to be continued ...

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